It starts with a name.

Every name has a story. We trace the history of each name and discover its meaning.




The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

For those of you looking for a Mother's Day gift, we think a Nayme Necklace is just right!

Check out this adorable video in which Sandra chose to wear her daughter's Nayme Necklace to keep her close to her heart.

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Meaning of the name Gillian

We designed a fun and unique kite pendant for the name Gillian, which is of English origin meaning “youthful.” We were inspired by the reminiscence of youth and hope it will keep all the Gillian’s out there in touch with their inner child.

Click here to see our Gillian #naymegirls video!

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Meaning of the name Nicole

The name Nicole is of Greek origin meaning “people’s victory.” We designed a bay laurel wreath inspired by victory wreaths of ancient Greece.

Click here to see our Nicole #naymegirls video!

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